Southern Fried Chicken Strips from Mother Clucker

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We attended the London Halal Food Festival, where we got ourselves some real southern soul food, some of that succulent Southern Fried Chicken from none other then the Fried Chicken Kings, Mother Clucker!


When Fried Chicken was introduced to the American South, fried chicken became a common staple. The cooks started to include new seasonings and spices that were absent, enriching the flavor.


We observed the whole frying process from scratch

Firstly they cut up chicken pieces and skin; dipped the chicken pieces in to buttermilk, doused them in flour and browned the chicken in very HOT oil on both sides… TWICE!


They served us the tea brined, buttermilk soaked, twice battered fried chicken and what can we say, the strips were BLAZING HOT, and tasted so damn good. Possibly the best Chicken Strips we have ever tasted. The batter was crispy, peeled off beautifully and the chicken was succulent, moist and double deep fried to perfection. Chicken Connoisseur eat your heart out!


We gave this a HUGE 5 star!

Absolutely amazing, get yourself some from their converted US Army ambulance currently parked in the Truman Brewery. You can also find them at Camden Market, Hawker House and roaming around with KERB.