DELICIOUS! Halal Steaks & Pizza! (Fredo’s LDN, E12 6EA)


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Discovering Surprisingly Delicious Halal Streaks & Pizza! (Fredo’s LDN, E12 6EA)

Fredo’s LDN is a Grill & Dessert Lounge located in Romford Road, East London. Their mission is simple, to serve delicious food, drinks and desserts that guests will want to return to week after week.

We decided to pay a surprise visit and discover the truth behind their bold mission statement.

Some of their options include:

Peri Peri Chicken in your choice of spice – includes their Fredo’s marinade.

Steaks – are served with onion gravy, French beans, cherry tomatoes and a choice of steak sauce.

Fresh handmade pizzas – baked in a wood oven using dough with a Napolina tomato base.

Visit them at:
821 – 823 Romford Rd, London
E12 6EA
+44(0)208 478 7888

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