We ventured down to Stoke Newington, home of some of the best Turkish food in the UK!

We were provided some insider information from locals in Stoke Newington that Testi Ocakbasi Restaurant was the place to go for some of the most flavorsome and  authentic Turkish food.


The restaurant opened in 2002 and for 16 years has been run by a father and son combination.

Testi pride themselves on ethically sourcing all their ingredients from the local markets and butchers. On arrival, we were lucky enough to be taken to the Ocakbasi to see for ourselves the technique that goes into their cooking. Ocakbasi translates to ‘fireside’ or ‘stand by the grill’ and Testi restaurant has a huge charcoal barbeque right at the front of the restaurant.

We sat with the owners Hassan and his son, who told us about their fantastic journey from Adana in Turkey to London, and how the flavors of Adana inspired him to open the restaurant.

They were both particularly proud of their standout item, an eloquently carved in-season fruit platter, taking its inspiration from the sea and air, from the beautifully carved apple swan to the graceful banana dolphins. A sight to behold and certainly not a common feature at the London based Turkish restaurants we have visited.



Some of our favorite elements of the overall meal were the tangy homemade chili sauce and the sticky sweet baklava. The Lamb Ribs and Adana Kebab were grilled to perfection and were served with copious amounts of couscous and rice.

The fact that everything was prepared in-house from carefully sourced ingredients, we had to rate this a WHOOPING 5 STAR. Possibly the best Turkish food we have eaten in Stoke-Newington.

For the four of us the bill came to around £50, which considering the high quality of food, we were more than happy to pay (with a well-deserved tip of course).

Be sure to mention Halal Hangouts if you ever get a chance to go down for a further discount off your meal (during the week only).